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Why buy cat for sale online from MyCatshop?

Cats are our true companions and friends as they help us in forgetting our daily lives tensions and worries as well as castaway our loneliness. Specifically, when talking about cats, their cuteness can make anyone happy. Even imagining a fluffy being running from here to there into your house, doing cute little mischiefs, waiting for you to return home will definitely escalate your mood.If you are also thinking of adding happiness to your small world by buying a cute cat or a little kitten then you are in the accurate place. Here you can know where to buy infant kittens, adult cats of varied species, colours, sizes etc. It’s too simple; you just have to visit “Mycatshop” to bring home your little packet of happiness.


We have only a select few cats for sale online. We are not backyard breeders. MyCatshop is a one stop destination for all your cat related needs. We are not only the largest premium cat food & cat accessories importer in Delhi NCR but also have the best home based catteries setup all across India. Cats are one of the most adorable animals in the world today and we firmly believe one should be 100% sure while looking for cat for sale or adopt a kitten online in India.


Our home based catteries have the finest cat breeds available in India namely – Indian Cats, Persian Cats, Himalayan Cats, Siamese Cats, Maine Coon Cats, Ragdoll Cats, Bengal Cats Exotic Shorthair Cats. All cats for sale are from vaccinated parents and are guaranteed free from any skin diseases. We recommend that when you are looking to buy a cat from us please ensure that you get the kitten health checked by your nearest trusted vet on the same day of purchase.


Since these are live pets hence while you search for Persian cats for sale online in India or any other breed kitten please keep in mind that we can only guarantee a healthy kitten but cannot guarantee the life span of the pet cat.


All the cats for sale are above 2-2.5 months of age which is the minimum age to rehome any kitten. While looking to buy cats online one must do a video call to see the live kitten to make sure that the kitten is the same that they have requested for. We keep all our cats and kittens without cage which helps them explore their personalities well.


Now the main thing that must be hovering in your mind is what is so unique in Mycatshop? Understanding your concern, some characteristics due to which Mycatshop emerge as a unique platform is mentioned below:

  • The concept of cat sale makes them stand apart from the entire crowd.
  • The best part is they are doing this business as a social work and working on a non-profit business model. So, selling cats without any personal benefit motive is their purest quality. 
  • You can even buy your cat online through this cat selling portal along with home delivery service. They help you in this task by uploading proper information about them such as images, breed, colour, height, weight, food preferences.
  • They consider their cats as family. So they gather specific knowledge about the buyers as their main aim is to handover the cats into right hands.
What cat breeds are available for sale in India at MyCatShop?

We have only a select few cat breeds for sale online in India namely -

  • Longhair Cats for Sale - Persian, Himalayan, Siberian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Birman
  • Shorthair Cats for Sale - Indian Domestic Cat, Siamese, Bengals, Exotic Shorthair

We believe cats are amazing creatures and we always wish to provide with the best homes for our kittens. Mainly there are two types of cats suitable for Indian climate - traditional longhair cats and shorthair cats. While looking for cats for sale online in India, one must keep in mind the maintenance required to keep these cats healthy. Basic daily grooming is required for both the types. We request all cat lovers out there to be 100% sure while looking to buy a kitten as it is a responsibility. 


We promise to help you in choosing the type of breed best for your household according to the colour, gender, coat type preference. Although all kittens for sale are equally adorable - but we respect if you have a choice of type of cat breed you wish to get. None of our cat for sale breeds are half bred or from a mixed breed lineage. All kittens raised are from pure breed parents. We strongly believe that each cat is unique and the temperament of the kitten does not depend on the breed , gender or colour. Each kitten is equally playful and loving - it all depends on how well you raise them.


When looking to buy a kitten we request you to be 100% sure as these are live pets and the decision of keeping a kitten should be wise. These are live pets and we always look forward for best loving homes for them. When you plan to buy kitten online please get to know on how to raise kittens.


It’s time to grab the best kittens for sale before someone else get them home. You can select from a variety of cats and kittens that are available in the sale at Mycatshop. Let’s explore most famous kittens and cats and know a little about cats before buying.

The types of cats and kittens that are available for sale at Mycatshop are listed below:

  1. Persian Cats: Persian kittens are famous mainly for their cute face with big round eyes. One look at these cute kittens will take away your heart. Mycatshop is popularly known for selling this breed as they offer cutest Persian cats having heavy clean fur.
  2. Himalayan Kittens: These are known to have the cutest appearance as Himalayan Persian kittens have beautiful colour combination and blue eyes. In addition to this, they are amiable with the owners.
  3. Ragdoll Cat: It’s a famous breed in US and UK having blue eyes and fluffy partially coloured coat. This cat is muscular in physique with shiny and silky soft fur coat.
  4. Royal Bengal Cat: Having unique intellectual capability and tiger-like appearance, this species is rarely found anywhere. You can easily buy this distinct cat in sale from Mycatshop.
  5. Siamese Kitten: Its cute short fur and dark shade on the face and paws makes it different from other breeds. Not every cat shop has it as it’s an Asian breed.
  6. Exotic Shorthair Kitten: Cute fluffy fur on face with shortest fur on the body, they require little maintenance and have a lovely nature. It’s an exotic American breed.
  7. Maine Coon Cat: Its distinctive looks with long furry body and edgy ears along with unique hunting skills will blow away your mind. It is originally big size cat with dog-like characteristics.



How to buy a cat for sale online from MyCatshop?

Follow the below steps to buy a cat online from MyCatShop

  • Be 100% sure about buying a cat.
  • Call us, whatsapp us or leave an enquiry with details about the type of kitten you want to buy.
  • Our volunteers will get in touch with you within 24 hours with details of cats for sale or adoption online.
  • After you have received the available kittens for sale pictures and videos via whatsapp or email we will request you to select the one you like the most.
  • Once the kitten you wish to buy is finalised we will proceed for booking.
  • Once the booking is complete we will provide you with the transportation details of your pet cat. Please be aware that it can take 3-8 days for delivery depending on the train and flight schedule. If your pet cat is travelling via train then he/she will be accompanied by a person. If the travel is via air then he/she will be travelling alone.
  • Once you receive the kitten please get the cat health checked on the same day to ensure that the kitten is healthy and fit.
What are the pre-requisites to keep in mind when you are looking to buy cats online or adopt one in India?

Cats are extremely lovable animals and have their own way of showing love and affection. We request all our clients to be 100% sure when they are keen on buying a cat. They need love, care & attention just like a human baby. Please aware yourself on the responsibility. Mostly all cats for sale are indoor cats but require being in touch with nature. They need daily grooming even if they are shorthair cats.


Grooming a cat daily will help you and your cat to form a bond. Although cats are lazy animals and can sleep for upto 8-10 hours a day but one cannot ignore them once they are awake. They are emotional and can get easily depressed f they do not get the attention they need. Please understand that for your cat you are their entire world. Let your cat know that it is the best world she could ever dream of.


Once you have decided to buy a cat from MyCatshop please keep in mind that we love all our kittens are our own and will really appreciate if you would share pictures and videos of the kittens. We do this exercise to ensure all our kittens are with the best pet cat parents across India and are living a happy life.


The main belief behind running this noble organization is to find the best owners for the cute cats for sale who can provide proper love and affection to them. At Mycatshop, cats are kept as family and their motive is different from merely selling the cats to earn money. They search until they find a suitable owner who can love the kitten like a family member. They value cat’s emotions by providing everything natural to their in house cats. They promote natural breeding among cats that is the healthiest way of breeding. It also helps in the generation of cutest and healthy off springs as it focuses on the quality rather than the quantity.

How is Mycatshop different when you are looking to buy a cat online in India?

There is lots of competition and an equal number of sellers as buyers in the market. Considering this fact it’s important to know that why to choose Mycatshop from these plenty of sellers? You must know this before buying the cat from this platform:


  • Mycatshop is an authentic and reliable platform. Before delivering any cat they check the proper health of the cat. Unlike others, they show the genuine pictures of the cats that you are going to buy. They also mention the specific needs of particular cats before selling them.

  • We have hired the most professional and well-experienced staff to take care of in-house cats. These personnel monitor every single activity of the cats on daily basis to ensure proper health and safety of cats.

  • Mycatshop understands that cat’s happiness matters the most. So, they always provide their cats with an open environment where they can live with their free will and they are free fed to make them eternally happy.

  • You can find cats of every breed at Mycatshop. The cats are purchased and shipped from varied nations and brought together for you.

We are one of the biggest online platforms when searching for cats for sale online in India. We have all the popular breeds among cat lovers like – Persian, Himalayan, Ragdoll, Siamese, Maine Coon, Exotic Shorthair, Royal Bengals. We are proud to say that we are a Non Profit social cattery where funds raised are used to feed the stray cats namely in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Gujarat. All the cats for sale in India are all raised with love and have friendly temperaments and are suitable for Indian climate. We do not rehome any kitten less than 2.5 months of age.


Mycatshop is a platform which works as a facilitator between cats of varied breeds and genuine cat lovers. It helps them by providing their dream cat at the affordable prices. It is different from other cat selling platforms as it is selling cats since ages and have various branches situated in prominent cities.


Our helpline number will always be there for any assistance required by our new cat pet parents in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkatta etc. We promise to be there for any kind of assistance your cat requires. We are a team of volunteers helping the mother cat raise their kittens all around the clock. With the best cat loving staff available 24*7 what more could a cat parent ask for?

How to choose the perfect kitten from all the available kittens for sale?

MyCatshop is committed to provide you with the best cats to buy online in India. We recommend you to gain knowledge about cats before deciding on to buy a cat. We strive to maintain a relationship with all our buyers and are particular about choosing the best homes for all our cats. We will share a number of pictures and videos of the available cats for sale in India. One can go through all the pictures and videos and see if you are able to make a connection with any cat. Please think twice before buying a cat – do not rush. We are always there to answer any of your buying a cat related queries.


MyCatShop volunteers work 24*7 in raising the kittens with love, making sure that each kitten is raised with utmost care. Healthy , happy and playful kittens is our goal. We never run short of volunteers who are ready to help our queens in raising the kittens. All kittens for sale are properly weaned of from the mother. We do not rehome kittens if they are not properly weaned of from the mother and start eating cat food. Our in house vets check each kitten daily for their growth.

What are the things to keep in mind after you buy cats online from MyCatShop ?

Once you buy a kitten from MyCatShop our volunteer will share a list of common cat supplies required for your new kitten. The supplies include the food, litter and other important things that will be necessary to bring home along with the kitten.

Required Cat Supplies - 

Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food

Me-O Antihairball Dry Food

Whiskas Kitten Chicken Gravy Pouch

Royal Canin Kitten Gravy Pouch

Litter Tray

Litter Sand

Litter Scooper

Pet Wipes

Antibacterial Virbac Cat Shampoo

Me-O Treats

Stick Toy

Tower Of Tracks Cat Toy

Food Bowl

Water Bowl

We also provide a basic kitten welcome kit which has all the above. Check our online store for the kitten kit once you buy a kitten online from MyCatShop.


What are the strict Do's and Dont's for a first time Cat Parent ?

Once you have selected a kitten from all the cats for sale please ensure that you are ready to become a cat parent. We recommend to read more about being a first time cat parent in our blog section.


Dos's - 

Once buy a new kitten please understand that the kitten will take time to adjust to you and the new house. Hence give ample amount of space and time to the kitten to adjust.

Although all our cats for sale online are litter trained , we recommend to gently put the kitten in the litter tray 2-3 times in a day so that the kitten knows where the litter tray is.

When you take your kitten home, pet your cat gently and let the kitten explore the house.


Dont's -

Dont forcefully try to make the kitten sit in you rlap - this will stress out the kitten.

Never forcefeed your cat if not required.

Dont put too much physical pressure on the kitten while trying to hug.

Never feed MILK. These breed cats are lactose intolerant.

Never wash your kitten or any kitten toys with Dettol.

Never give any medicine which contains PARACETEMOL.


Once you buy a cat from us we promise to be there on our 24*7 cat helpline for any emergency issues.