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Know More About Cat Litter Sand Online

Litter are the contents of a cat litter box. The purpose of cat litter is to collect feces and urine for domestic cats and for other pets who do not relieve themselves outside and that instinctively or through training will make use of such a repository. A cat litter box makes it possible to shelter pets from many risks like weather, wildlife, traffic. Naturally, cats excrete in the soft or sandy soil for easy burial and cover the feces by backward sweeping by their paws. To give their instinctive desire, a cat litter tray is filled typically with cat litter for at least 25cm from the bottom.


In the cat-box that the litter is poured into can give off a strong odor and many cat owners keep it in an area that is not often used, such as a basement or laundry room. There are special types of litter that we are discussing to cover or lessen the odor. They contain baking soda and odorized crystals. These are some modifications of the earlier used cat litters and one of the best. If kept in a room with an intake vent, an air freshener may be added on the wall to isolate the odor from the rest of the house.


The cat litter sand is granular materials that absorb the urines and feces moisture and controls the odors of the ammonia. The different cat litter has different formula to make the cat litter but the important of all is that how comfortable is your cat for using the cat litter your bought. The material of the litter has to satisfy your cat’s instinctive desire to use it regularly. To buy cat litter you must understand what the cat litter is made of. There is a good variety of cat litter available online to buy in the market but we mostly have three distinct categories: clay-based, silica-based, and biodegradable.


The best cat litter to buy online for your cat will depend on your how you choose from the varieties and what you choose. Choosing the best cat litter that your cat would prefer, makes it less likely that to avoid the by your cat. Your preferences combined with your cat’s preferences will determine the best cat litter is for you to save from mess your cat might create in the living room and ultimately the litter you will want to stick with. 


What Are The Types Of Cat Litter To Buy Available Online

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. Cats, are generally clean animals and spend hours in grooming themselves every day. This means they can be picky about things like their cat litter and so must you too as it is important to get it right. The first step is to buy the right cat litter online for your cat, ensuring he or she feels comfortable and safe enough to use it. From buying clumping cat litter and buying scented or fragrance cat litter to buying healthy recycled paper, there are options in our location for every cat and every home you can buy any variety of cat litter for your cat. To make it easier on you, we have the best cat litter available online in every category. While you will ensure your cat is amicable to the litter, some cats cannot stand scented/fragrance cat litters.


The cat litters can be categorized mostly into two main types: Conventional and Clumping, but there are other forms of cat litter which are also preferred by many cat owners.


1. Why Buy Clay Based Cat litter - Made from traditional absorbent clay was the standard form of cat litter for several decades and is still widely used by many pet owners. Although the size of the granules varies, conventional cat litters can be described as gravel-like texture. Some of them are dust free and have a fragrance to kill the bad odor of ammonia. With conventional or the traditional cat litter, the contents of the litter box or tray are discarded weekly basis to ensure that the cat has a thoroughly fresh supply of litter. The main issue with the traditional clay litter is they are needed to be scooped every day and completely replaced about once a week. Clay litter is also criticized by many cat owners and even veterinarians as this sort of litter can be toxic to ferrets, leading to both respiratory and digestive problems. 


2. Why Buy Clumping Cat litter - Clumping cat litters have its own history, it was introduced in 1989 and accounts for approximately 30% of today's cat litters. The smaller granule litter sticks together when it comes in contact with liquid, hence the term “clumping" is used. Buy clumping cat litters as they tend to be one of the best cat litter from the past. The difference is when clumping litter is used, You can easily remove the clumps of the litter directly and can add more litter to the box, this eliminates the need to refill it with every cleaning. These keep the litter clean for more than 3-4 weeks. These are also favorable at neutralizing odors. This makes the messiest job easy in cat care, the flushable cat litter with stands odor and controls tight clumping ability. This best cat litter with qualities as quick-clumping, the easy scooping solution and flushable, septic-safe are mostly favorable for the owners and their pets. Plus, it gives you minimum dust. The only drawback of clumping litter is its tendency to track, that is for the finer granules to stick to the cat's paws when it leaves the tray or box, clutter everywhere possible with your cat and makes your room look untidy. These are Ideal for homes with one or two cats with a pet, people, and planet friendly. 


3. Why Buy Silicat Crystal Cat Litter - In addition, there are also products made from silica crystals, which are composed of sand or a blend of sand and other materials. Silica is also very effective at absorbing moisture and neutralizing odor, but the silica-based cat litters do not form clumps. These litters are recommended to be replaced about once a week. There isn't much difference between silica and clay, but silica tends to be more earth-friendly and also more expensive.


4. Why Buy Silica Made Cat Litter - Silica-made litter is also known as crystal litter as it is a porous granular form of silicon dioxide and has the highest absorbency of any other litter. It has excellent moisture control and complete odor elimination properties for its use for an extended period of time compared to other litters available. Some of our cat owners prefer it because of its property to absorb a great amount of liquid and odor. But for this high specification of the litter, it is important for the owner to lightly stir the crystals daily while scooping the solid waste. There are now some silica-based cat litters with health diagnostic features, these are called as ‘indicating cat litter’. This product changes color to indicate the pH level of a cat's urine. Knowing your cat's pH level of urine would guide you to manage the feline urinary-tract disorders and kidney problems, a condition can even kill domestic cats. 


5. - Why Buy Indicating Cat Litter - Despite the benefits, the ‘indicating cat litter’ has its own disadvantages as well. For instance, the litter works best immediately after the cat has used, if the litter box is not checked for several hours, the urine clump dries out and the color disappears. Sprinkling the dried clump with distilled water, however, will bring back the color. These litters change color to indicate potential health abnormalities of your pet. The Litter turns blue in the presence of alkaline urine which is an indication of a urinary tract infection, yellow for acidic urine to indicate metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis, red in the presence of blood in the urine to indicate bladder inflammation, bladder stones, or a urinary tract infection. 


6. Why Buy Odorlock unscented clumping litter- It is one of the best cat litter so far and is the only litter that neutralizes unpleasant odors for up to 40 days or more. Its modern futuristic technology blocks the formation of the bad smell of ammonia/urea, which causes unpleasant odors. These have ultra-fast clumping process which makes it an easy to scoop and reduces the number of litter uses and also cuts down on waste and reduces annual litter use by over 45%. They are dust-free, silica-free which is better for you and your cat’s respiratory systems and health and also leaves no tracks so your home will stay clean all the time. Most importantly they are made with 100% pure, natural clay, recognized worldwide for its high quality and the outcome from these litter are guaranteed to get satisfaction. Odorlock generates less waste than competing with the clay litters and calculating with its use, it is pretty much less used as 50% litter per year. It is soft and comfortable for your cat. It is easily carried out with the modifications made for its use, and has been used by many of customers and suggested as of the best products so far. So, we recommend you to buy these odor-lock cat litters for your cat’s better growth and development. 


7. Why Buy Biodegradable litters - They are the newest of all and a way to respect nature. Although there is no scientific evidence that clumping clay litters can be harmful to cats, many cat owners prefer biodegradable alternatives as healthier for animals, humans and the environment. These products are mostly made from plant-based materials such as paper, wood chips, or wheat. These are best at absorbing cat excreta with the added benefit of being earth-friendly, so they can be reused as garden mulch. It also contains enzymes that neutralize the bad odors, which is a helpful component of any litter and are mostly used by the cat owners. The only disadvantage of these litters is they are these packaged litters are very expensive than clumping cat litters. Most biodegradable litters last longer than the equivalent size of clay. Also, most of these forms of litter are recycled from human use and are thus reusing a waste product as opposed to drawing clay from mines. 

Raw Materials Used To Make Cat Litter

Cat litters made from absorbent clay for almost 95% of all cat litter.


Clay- It is a naturally occurring, non-metallic substance and is composed of a combination of minerals. Techniques of making the clays possible for litter lies in many possibilities one such is the light-colored clays are more popular than the darker clays because the latter tends to become muddy when wet and cannot absorb additional moisture. Although our best cat litter are made of an absorbent clay as their base.


Wood- We mainly use recycled waste products from the lumber industry to make the very of an alternative cat litter. A blend of cedar chips and hardwood are used best, for example, it is lighter than clay-based litters, and the pleasant scent of cedar absorbs the bad smell of the feces and urea from the litter box. There are several other processes that are specially made from the waste products to make a very good use of aspen lumber. The manufacturing takes hours-days to give the best product your cat can have for daily use.


Grain- The byproducts of hard grains are also used as cat litter. The hard grains are milled by our manufacturer to make a consistency which is required for mixing and pelletizing. A small piece of corncobs used for fragrance, and sometimes catnip are added to attract cats to use it. An advantage to grain products is that the enzymes present in the mixture give a natural neutralizer to the cat's waste odors. 


Corncobs- Recycled corncobs can be used as cat litter, the corncobs weighs about half as much and absorbs as five times more as compared to the same amount of clay and these forms clumps and also are flushable.


Citrus- These are recycled and made fresh-smelling cat litters. These are peeled off and dried pressed them in natural gas-fired kilns. Through a process, the specks of dust are removed and fine pieces are produced for the final product. The benefits of Citrus cat litter are highly dominated to all the other materials as it is highly absorbent, flushable, and biodegradable. In addition, the residual citric acid in the dried peel naturally neutralizes waste odors which make it highly expensive as compared with other products.

Manufacturing Process Of Cat Litter

Cat litter made from wood, paper, grain, corncobs, citrus, and grass basically contributes to 5% of cat litter. The vast majority of the cat litter is clay based.

• Gathering the clay- Various kinds of clay are used mostly whichever is found in the area and are better for the process. Other countries used other types of clays available in their countries and we make available of the other country’s cat litters as per our customers need. Clay is found approximately 30-40 feet below the ground surface, and earth movers scoop it from open pits. The raw clay is then transported to the plant.


• Drying- The clay is loaded onto conveyor belts and spilled into giant crushers. Before depositing them onto another conveyor belt, the crushers break the clay into smaller pieces, which feeds the clay into a kiln with a horizontal chimney, where temperatures reach 1093°C, lifters tumble the clay as it bakes. Until it has traveled the entire length of the kiln, the clay continues its baking. As the clay emerges from the kiln, it is fed into a second crusher and rollers crumble the clay to its final consistency. 


•Sorting- The granules pass through an enclosed machine. The litter is less absorbent when granules are of the same size, the sorting process checks and varieties that an assortment of sizes is represented. The clumping litter are mostly ground to a smaller size than that of a conventional litter and are frequently blended with sodium bentonite, which is a natural swelling clay known for its absorbent qualities. A dust-controlling agent is then added to prevent dust forming when particles rub against one another, from becoming airborne. Some of the cat litters are also added with deodorizers to prevent odors of the cat’s excreta.


• Quality Control- Odor-control, tracking, and dust-free are the three main areas of concern in the manufacture of the cat litters. We test on our cats to know the product’s effectiveness in these three areas. Feedback from cat owners is also important to modify the materials. 


• The Future- Our professionals are trying new materials to develop a better cat litter. As an alternative to the traditional clay cat litter, there is wheat litter, which clumps, does not contain silica dust, and does not track. We regularly experiment with different materials to get a better product. We suggest you to buy odor-lock clumping unscented cat litter as it is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, almost dust free and totally free of silica dust, are scoop-able, bad odorless, and has minimal tracking problems. 

Shop For The Best Cat Litter Online

Even though you now know the different types of available litters, only your cat knows which kind she prefers the best. Cats are always very moody and picky about everything and for their litter boxes, they would not use unless they like it, so you will need to try out different types before finding the right one which would work for your cat. Shop for the best cat litter for your pet at MyCatShop. You will find products from the top brands and with customer reviews along with different litter options include clumping, dust-free litter options for sensitive felines, and more.