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Buy Cat Toys : Shop Interactive Kitten Toys Online At Best Prices - MyCatShop

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Bow Ties Pet Cat Collar

• The best way of dressing your cat/pet in style. • A great and unique gift idea loved by your cat/..

Ex Tax: 140.00₹

Cat Interactive Toy - Feather Spinner,Three Sensors

• Feather Spinner with 3 motion sensors feathers from Pet Droid is an award winning game for your p..

Ex Tax: 2,475.00₹

Cat Interactive Toy -Feather Spinner,One Sensor

• Feather Hider is from Pet Droid cat toy series that reacts to the movement of your cat. Just turn..

Ex Tax: 2,250.00₹

Cat Mouse Spring Play Ball Interactive Cat Toy

• Treat your cat well by buying them a Mouse Spring play Ball interactive cat toy that keeps them e..

Ex Tax: 480.00₹

Cat Teaser Wand Mouse Kitten Toy Wooden Stick

• Kitten Cat Teaser Interactive Toy Rod with Feather available with four feathers attach to corners ..

Ex Tax: 330.00₹

Circular Turntable Cat Interactive Toy

• This innovative toy keeps your cat entertained while giving them the physical and mental stimulati..

Ex Tax: 655.00₹

Durable Cat Scratch Board Catnip Toy with Fish

• Cat Scratch Board available with Catnip to attract your cat toward the fish. • Scratcher comes as..

Ex Tax: 340.00₹
Hanging Wall Cat Scratching Post Board 2 - 3 Days

Hanging Wall Cat Scratching Post Board

• Hanging wall scratching post is a vertical scratching post provides your cat with a satisfying sc..

Ex Tax: 870.00₹

Mouse Catnip Fur Mouse Cat Toy

• This delightful mouse will lure your kitty for hours of fun and entertainment. Mice by mycatshop ..

Ex Tax: 160.00₹
Pet Cat Fashion Sunglasses New

Pet Cat Fashion Sunglasses

Cool looking Grooming accessory for your pet.Fashion trend glasses, making pets look more attractive..

Ex Tax: 350.00₹

Sisal Ball Catch Cat Toy Teaser

Classical sisal ball fits the preferences of cats and be a good gift for your baby cat.A simple way ..

Ex Tax: 195.00₹
String Pillow Feather Cat Interactive Toy New

String Pillow Feather Cat Interactive Toy

A way to keep your cat entertained all day.The design is very attractive and the product is very eco..

Ex Tax: 155.00₹

Tease Stick Cats Pet Toys - Pillow Shape Feather

• Kitten Cat Teaser Interactive Toy Rod with Feather available with four feathers attach to corners..

Ex Tax: 160.00₹
Teaser Stick Cat Interactive Play Toy New

Teaser Stick Cat Interactive Play Toy

• Kitten Cat Teaser Interactive Toy Rod with Feather available with four feathers attach to corners ..

Ex Tax: 270.00₹
Buy Cat Toys : Shop Interactive Kitten Toys Online At Best Prices
Know More About Cat Toys Online

No matter how tired you can be but your cat is always active, cats love to chase, pounce, scratch, wrestle, bat, overall they just love to play and To keep This joy alive on them cat owners need to give the cats an intellectual and instinctual stimulation to activate the ignite senses with a cat toy. Every cat owner needs to buy a cat toy to participate and play with their cats. This helps them grow and keep them busy with their actions which encourage their good health and stimulate their mind. Cat toys are a necessary requirement for the cat owners. Activities and playing with your cat is mandatory to relief them from boredom and this has to be encountered with multiple toys otherwise the cat will utilise its energy into your furniture, which is not a right way as cat has inherited the need to scratch, swat and catch its prey and it is very painful to see your pricy furniture’s destruction.

Why It Is Important To Buy Cat Toys Online ?

We deal with cats 24x7 and value your cat’s emotions, cat toys are a vital activity for young kittens as well as adult cats too. Cats are very athletic in nature, and our professionals develop varieties of cat toys to accommodate their nature. They have the nature of running, jumping, leaping, hoping, with extreme strength and they are never tired. To help these inherit behaviors the cat owners need to make some effort to give the cat a little play area, or some playing tools to activate their outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation. Hence Buy Cat Toys Online that are fun for elaborate or simple games, it stimulates the chance to act on the hunting instincts and also a playful way to bond with the cat owners. So, buy a cat toy to foster great health and happiness for you and your cat. 

How To Decide About Shopping For Cat Toys Online ?

Cats are skilled at getting entertained by very little, their imaginations can turn almost anything into most fascinating games, they can be happy with a crumpled ball of paper, the homemade distractions are priceless and range from a pen fell on the ground or a newspaper spread open on the floor, or toilet tissue roll hanging in the toilet to very dangerous objects like battery devices, loose electric wires, which turns out to be very life-threatening. Also, be careful with the loose yarn, as the cat’s tongue has hook-like projections on the papillae and the rough texture of the string attaches, to draw the yarn into the cat’s throat and esophagus which never gets ingested and leads to serious, even deadly, problems in the digestive tract. Regardless of the price tag, the safety of your pet must matter of all. In general, cats always enjoy playing with small, light objects that are flickable, such as a scratch ball, fish tied with a wand, laser lights or a Ping-pong ball, which they can swat and chase later. Cats love empty cardboard boxes, they love to jump in and out to investigate and hide in. Always remember to remove any sticky tapes or other obstacles from cardboard box before giving them as playthings so the cat would not get caught in them. So buying a cat toy online may not be a necessity at this moment but it will be a need for the later when the cat would no more respond for the old cardboard box or paper ball games and would only gaze outside the window because noting inside amuses her anymore. Better hurry up and buy your kitten an interactive toy to play with!! 

What Are The Best To Buy Cat Toys Online To Play For Your Cat?

There are a variety of cat toys to buy in the market, but we develop only those cat toys which can specially meet the cat’s need. Normally, cats always like to play with new cat toys and are very excited but in any case if your cat is not willing to play with the new toy then you can spray catnip over it to attract them, there are a lot of cat toys that comes with catnips to entice your cat to play with it and when the catnip vaporises you can always get new catnip available in to ensure the old toys never go to waste and your cat can have endless hours of fun. In the wild, cats are motivated and encouraged by prey such as small birds, rodents, bugs, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. The house cats also have little-hunting instincts even if they reside indoors and are completely domestic in behavior. They look after all the insects in your house such as spiders also hunt for mice. It is important to satisfy your cat by providing the same in the form of a cat playing toys and they are safer than hunting in real. The cat toys with catnip mice, the caterpillars with large eyes, the oversized plush cat toy, and squeezy mesh balls, the cockroach teasers are the most popular cat toys from ages. Every cat owner has these for their cats and these tend to the cat’s most favorite cat toys. But there is other new cat and kitten playing toys which are yet to be discovered by many and many already have them. 

What Are The Different Types Of Cat Toys To Buy Online
  • Buy Cat ball toys

These are one of the cats playing toys, like Humans, cats and dogs also like to play with balls and love to watch how it roll by itself. There is no one who would not like to play with a ball. We have various kinds of ball toys and ranges with and without catnip itself, there are some ball toys that have sisal for scratching known as pet robe balls, puffy balls, knotted cotton balls and these are the best kitten toys available online. 

  • Shop for Interactive Cat Toys

Buy interactive cat toys that engage your cat for hours without the cat’s knowing. They help the cat to swat and swing at it, they are amused by it and they get a feeling go hunting by the interactive cat toys, apart from these they are mouse assembling cat and kitten playing toys, they produce sound when squeezed. There are various types of interactive toys available in our buy cat toys online section where you can indulge your pet in a game of hiding or toys that will allow the cat to rest in a place. It is advised to choose cat playing toys as per your requirement. In case you need any help finding the best gift for your cat, you can always speak with us online or over a call, we are available 24X7 for your help. The interactive cat toys are made to make your cat work and see their mental activity and position to calculate till what extent they understand the game and play it accordingly. The maze games and puzzle games are also available as interactive cat toys. Your cat can move its food through the maze with its paw until it drops down to the food tray, stimulating it both mentally and physically. There are other same forms of interactive cat toys available such as touch chaser they are also meant to distract your cat from tearing up your furniture or curtains with this mouse chaser. The elusive mouse spins around the track, squeaking whenever your cat manages to hit it with its paw. A plastic track holds a ball and tempts the cat to slap the ball in circles while a top compartment with holes tests cats with another ball contained inside. 

  • Buy Cat Laser Toys

These are also one of the best cat and kitten toys available online and in our stores. Almost every of our customer prefers one laser toy for them to be a part of the game with their cats or kittens. They are specially designed for the cats and should never be pointed in the cat’s eyes, although they are low powered, they are used with adult supervision, these entertain the cat by making the cat chase the light. Some cat laser toys have an automatic timer to set so that the cat owner doesn’t have to press it every time you want to play with your cat. 

  • Buy Cat Teaser Toys Online

The teaser and wand toys are a part of the interactive cat toy that allows the owner to participate in various games with the cat. The wand is held at a length and at the other end a dangling toy is thrown towards the cat, the toy is easily moved and in return the cat tries to catch the toy (an insect, bird or fish) by jumping high enough to reach it, It is a very active game for every cat where it is an old cat who likes to sleep all the time or new kitten and gives mind stimulation by allowing it to maintain an ideal weight. The Teaser has an easy-to-hold wand for you with feathery temptations at the other end of the toy for your cat


  • Shop for Cat Plush Toys

By the name, these cat toys are made of plush fabric like the normal human plush toys. The basic difference of this cat toy from a usual human plush toy is, it is filled with catnip to attract the cat towards the cat toy. These are available in various attractive colors and shapes to incorporate cat furniture, buy any cat toy online to keep your pet entertained and active. 


  • Buy Flying Cat Toys

The modern technology has gone this far that when you aren’t available in the home for your cat, or busy watching your favorite series, it can play on her own by automated remote control generated cat toys. It gives your cat a chance to catch something moving during an entertaining hiding game. You can just sit back and watch and let the robotic cat toy do the work. The random movement of the Twitch keeps cats entertained. 


  • Shop For Mouse Cat Toys Online

Buy mouse cat toys which famous from the ancient times, and they are sometimes squeaky and also make noises when pressed, they can be of fluffy type based on your requirement. These are the best kitten playing online toys of all time, you would not understand until you buy it, these are very cost-effective and are always cat’s favorite. Nurture the natural hunter personality with this squeaking cat toy with catnip filled moused tucked away inside. 

  • Buy Scratcher Toys Online

These cat and kitten toys are made for scratching. This is the most effective cat toy to buy online so far, cats inherited scratching and loves to do every time they see a comfortable spot and furniture, so it is replaced with your expensive furniture to give a dual purpose of satisfying your cat’s desire to scratch and it also helps in shedding off the outer layer of the cat’s nails. This is available in various shapes and sizes with different materials and according to the available space. It is customizable according to customers needs. 

  • Shop For Cat Tunnel Toys Online

Buy cat toys which developed for the ultimate entertainment purpose for your cat, cat owners who adore their cats and want to surprise them with a big gift, this must be the one. This is a way to keep the cat active in stimulating cat toys. The tunnel has made with open areas in all the possible ends to make your cat feel safe and secure and so that they should not feel stuck in the middle and at the tunnel roof small hanging cat toys are attached to double the curiosity and fun for your cat. Your cat may think of it as a playhouse as well as a shelter and might spend most of the time playing and hiding in the tunnel. Buy a cat tunnel toy online at a very impressive price to please your cat. 

Why Buy The Best Cat Toys Online From Us?

Cat toys bring out the playful mate in your cat, and in return, they also serve a much more important purpose. Cat toys help get rid of boredom and increase the cat's physical activities, problem-solving ability, mental alertness and boasts their spirit. Buy and save on cat toys online including catnip toys, scratching posts, mouse and interactive cat toys and cat play products at


Notice very carefully about what activity your cat does all day, some of them can be dangerous to them like eating cellophane candy wrappers, sugary residues on them are particularly life-threatening same as playing with yarn balls. If the cat is lucky then, the candy wrappers may liquify in the cat’s stomach and pass with the stool and if not then the this can obstruct he the food pipe and block the uptake of nutrients from food. 

More About Shopping For Best Cat Toys Online

To buy a good cat toy you need to look for its constitutes(materials made from as the cat is going to lick the cat toy which is their most common activity, look for its structure as for a good cat toy it has to be a light one, probably fluffy, sometimes mesh structure like, may also produce squeaky noise when pressed, these are the basic rules to be remembered before purchasing any cat toy, but in case you are unaware of the new generation toys, there are newer cat toys which are available in our store and you can also buy cat and kitten playing toys online from


Above all, there are cat toys which are scented with catnip to give a sense of owness but cats like to eat catnip and will try to lick and chew the cat toy, so choose a herbal product in such cases. Also for the very best results for your cat’s and kitten’s development look for the cat and kitten toys with very interactive playing nature, they are mostly like a maze with balls and mouse and sometimes puzzles made for the cat to solve it, they are very fun to observe the cat play with their terms.


Always go for the cat toys with functions that involve climbing, running leaping, pouncing, chasing, etc. these encourages the feline behaviors and instincts and your cat will be bound to use the toy, their usual reaction to such cat toys are very interesting natural reflexes. 


The range of cat toys available by us are made of very high-quality raw materials and can be availed to our clients at industry leading prices. Most of our products are imported from different countries to possess a great deal with great durability. Starting from the catnip-filled to tunnels, food mazes and traditional cat posts, you'll find the best cat toy to delight your cat for hours within your budget.


Our advice is to rotate the cat and kittens playing toys same as parents rotate children’s toys when they get bored. As we believe leaving a few toys available at a time just for a few days then putting it away for a while for reintroducing later and for all these reasons never toss away the box, the toy cam in and try opening the toy in front of your cat just like a new cat toy and often that can be just as much fun! 

Buy cat toys online that offer a variety of uses such as one toy to carry, one to wrestle with, one to roll and one to play hiding. But a cat toy online at and know the best kitten playing toys.