8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

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8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

1) Skip flea and heartwarm treatment

Keeping your cat free from flea and heart worms are never been easier and these infections can be fetal. Heartwarms can cause respiratory problems. So try not to miss any of these treatments.

2) Keeping cat’s outdoors unsupervised 

If you think your cat knows where she lives then you are wrong. Your indoor cat’s reactions to the great outdoors might lead her to curiosity, confusion and fright. She might forget her way back home in the traffic and hide in the bush if any strange dog approaches. Keep your kitty safely harnessed, leashed and reassured by your presence when in outdoors for her peace of mind and yours. Let the cats be entertained - Check out our range of cat toys accesories

3) Leaving windows open

Leaving windows open in high buildings may take your kitty to excitement when flies comes in and and fly by the window creating curiosity in cat’s mind leading to jump out the window following the fly. You wouldn’t know where your cat is for hours and how hurt did she get. Always keep your window sturdy and closed when you aren’t around or limit the window opening.

4) Put-off vet visits

If you don’t feel the need of going to vet because your cat eats healthy, sleeps well and have not changed her activity levels for a day then you may be wrong as cat’s like normal humans can also experience subtle health shifts from poor vision to kidney dysfunction. Felines are masters in concealing their emotions and compensating for their problems. An annual vet examination can pinpoint the start of any health problems and can treat those minor issues before them becoming major issues.

5) Holding your cat on your lap 

While driving as most cats likes traveling and seeing outside world but a free cat may get frighten and terrified in the car all open up without a carrier. Also an unconfined cat is distracting to the driver and vulnerable to injury or escape with your cat on the loose, ping ponging on the car and your final destination becomes a disaster. Get a cat’s carrier and buckle it up in place for a safe and happy road trip with your cat.

6) Pushing your cat off the counter

An inquisitive cat poking her nose in the roasted chicken that is kept for cooling in the kitchen counter may be annoying but she must not be treated like a feline frisbee. Pushing or through-ing her in frustration can harm her both physically and in spirit. Always hand your cat with gentle care and your cat is more likely to respond to your wishes in a better way.

7) Forget to brush your cat’s teeth

Cat’s aren’t fond of anyone searching their pearly whites. Your cat’s reluctant to widely open for her treats and never cleaning her teeth may make them filled with plaque which later accumulates and forms tartar leading to pain and even lacerations in the gums. Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly or at least few times a week is the best way to keep kitty’s gums healthy and reduce toothache. 

8) Ignoring those hairball 

Felines are self grooming and their constantly busy tongues captures loose fur which is then swallowed. When your cat hack-out the hairball, you probably sigh in annoyance to clean up the mess but landing a hand in grooming them can reduce the amount of hair your cat ingests everyday. Frequent hairball can also be a sign of gastrointestinal disease, contact our veterinarian in case you have to clean more than one or two a month.

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