How To Teach Your Cat To Do Tricks ?

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How To Teach Your Cat To Do Tricks ?


Teach your cat tricks to make your life easier, your cat would not discover on its own, but you have to help it. Most importantly, you will probably enjoy the process. The first thing for you to learn before your cat is that, never punish your fluffy. You would not be able to disciple them overnight, you have to have lots of patients and understandings.


Cats would now know what discipline is. The Worst scenario is pushing the little thing as they can induce stress, leading to behavioral and health problems. Always remember that patience and positive reinforcement are essential if you and your cat are training together.


Always treat your cats, either buy kitten toys online as they are known as training tools for a variety of other animals, along with that try using a clicker, it can enhance your game of training your cat, the highlight of a clicker is to make a distinct noise instantly. The training mostly involves offering your cat her favorite treat and likes following the clicker.


Buy a clicker from our store because without a clicker, your cat may be confused about the whole process, if it obeys a command, hears the click, and then gets a treat, it is more likely to catch on to it. 


Let’s discuss some important training tricks:


1. The importance of you commanding your cats and being your cat mending the commands are the main reasons we are discussing today. Make your cats learn to respond to your vocal cue and run your way. The main part of the training is making a distinct noise before feeding their favorite treat, the noise can be a vocal call to your cat or a click. Your cat will eventually lean to associate that noise with something positive and always head to you when they hear the same sound. Encourage this behavior and pet them well outside the normal treats. The command must start with short distances in the beginning and end in long distances over time.


2. Make your cat shake the hands with you. Always remember to treat them then align yourself to the same level as your cat. Take your cats paw and say the word ‘shake’ while taping the paw.


3. Teach your cat to ask for more or beg by holding a treat over them and command. Make your pet should stand on the hind legs and reach up for the snack, respond to mark its behavior and then give your cat its favorite treat. 


4. Making your cat use the toilet is a hard training and definitely takes some work but with time there are benefits to this. You can save on litter and enjoy a clean fresh home. In the beginning, place your cat’s litter box adjacent to the toilet and gradually bring it closer and ultimately place it to the top of the seat. Make a step for your cat to get up to the top easily. Once your pet is accustomed to using a litter box on top of the toilet, transform to a special litter box that fits within the toilet itself (buy a flushable litter). Gradually reduce litter to get the cat habituated without it, and at the end remove the litter box entirely.


Important Notice: Rewarding your cat for a job they have done will reinforce the behavior you want, whereas raising your voice on a cat will only stress you both out. Remember Practice makes perfect, and repeat the procedures for weeks until your cat can do this on its own.

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