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Cat Grooming In Delhi NCR

We adopt a cat with the intention of getting a new friend in our lives and over time our fondness grows for them, they become an integral part of our family. So, it is important that they must get the best treatment as well- like a day out for messages, relaxation or a plain & basic fun day out. Don’t they??

More than us cat needs grooming to keep them shiny, cute, furry and beautiful.

Choosing the right cat grooming salon or cat spa in Delhi for your cat might be difficult, so here we are to take you along a best grooming place for cats in Delhi.

When dealing with cats you must be particularly looking for all the details starting from its breed, cat grooming, expenses, and vaccinations to monitoring training, and sometimes boarding too.

A study shows human psychology has strongly believed in Healthier Pets-Happier Family-Better World. A well-groomed cat can live more than 20 years, so its perfect to have them as a part of your family as long as you can, it might give your home a happy spirit, or with bad temperament might challenge the ambience, your lifestyle, your busy schedule or your expensive furnitures with its dirty paws and sharp teeth. Not only it might affect your habits but also it might have sections of your expenses and attention and also special considering different health-related issues.

A cat is the one animal which loves grooming more than any being on earth. So this is important that grooming becomes fun and enjoyable experience for the cat and the owner too.

Why Grooming A Cat?

Observing a cat with daily hours of licking, primping and cleaning themselves is very normal. However, cats require routine bathing, bathing a cat relates to many horror events like scratching to biting. this is one difficult task to perform but is very essential to keep a healthy shiny cat in the house.

Monthly cat grooming with an experienced professional not only reduces the stress of cat bathing sessions but have several other benefits.

Cats enjoy being groomed. Their stress level will be reduced and they'll become more outgoing and friendly and less aggressive. All of these benefits will potentially carry over when your cat needs to visit the vet. Mostly reduces the anxiety of the owners.

Grooming your cat has many benefits including keeping your cats fur in good condition, removing dirt, lubricating your cats’ skin with the natural oils from their coat, detangling their coat and removing loose hair. It is important that you use good quality combs, brushes and other grooming products. Using high-quality grooming products will ensure an easier task for you.

Cat Grooming is a natural bonding activity which, when properly carried out, can encourage the cat to become more open to relationships with the family. It is very important that this is done in a relaxed state and safe environment. If cat grooming is stressful then the cat may become more anxious and suspicious. A professional groomer ensures a relaxing and positive experience.

Trust me!! After a day at a cat spa, your cat and you might be completely relaxed and you can continue with your busy schedule without much thinking about your cats grooming.

Cat Grooming removes dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris from your cats’ coat. Reducing these from their coat means less dander and allergens released into your home. Regular cat grooming and brushing help to reduce the amount of cat hair lingering in your cleaned laundry, on your air filters, and in the air, you breathe.

To prevent hairballs going into their stomach is difficult until they pass the obstruction, it is best to reduce the amount of hair consumed by your cat. Removing loose fur from your cats’ coat during grooming allows your cat to groom without ingesting as much fur, reducing the amount, size, and harm of hairballs.

What Are The Benefits Of Grooming A Cat?

By nature, Cats are very clean they keep licking their own body. They would never sleep in an area near to their litter box, with this we can conclude cats can distinguish between good and bad smells and keep refreshing them by licking themselves most of the time. When cats cannot reach some spots on their body, like the tops of their heads, they would ask for others help like mother cats or their owners’. From keeping their heads clean to maintain an ideal level of grooming is a responsibility of their owner.

With regards to bathing your cat, it is important to remember the majority of cats do not like baths!

However, sometimes when your cat decides, to get filthy or smelly, a bath is very necessary to protect yourself and your expensive linens. To make this experience as painless as possible for your cat, it is important to get the right water temperature, (lukewarm water is recommended)also the right place to sit them. It is also best to use a specifically designed cat shampoo from the cat groomer. These products are carefully formulated to be sensitive on your cats’ skin and improve the condition of your cats’ coat.

You will always know when your cat does not prefer grooming  by you and is frightened or angry as they are most of the time even when they are needed to bath or trim their nails, cleaning their eyes and ears or during vaccines etc. In those cases, it is preferable to call a mycatshop groomer in Delhi Gurgaon NCR near your door to give you a relief and deal with extreme conditions. Cat has a family variant dealing with anger so you never know what might happen next.

With grooming your cat, you can closely observe them clearly about certain details like sleeping more than usual; though cats are very lazy at-times and can sleep more than usual, weighing more than normal even after eating the same diet, sometimes a vary in a pound might be a symptom of something dangerous. These indications might lead to various heart and kidney diseases, so it is ideal to watch them carefully, what food they eat and drink, they are not to be given human food and in the end mention every story to your vet.

What Amenities Best Cat Grooming Spa In Delhi Gurgaon NCR Must Have?

We believe that cats deserve a higher quality of care, parents deserve an easier way of giving it to them, and everyone deserves a little help along the way.

We call it clawdicure, the nails of cats have surprisingly 3 layers one above another, when cats run or play, the first old layer usually removes on its own but sometimes it does not shed off, the ingrown nails are extremely painful to the cats and can lead to variety of infections due to germs stuck inside nail beds, regular trimming of nails prevents the ingrown nails and it is always best for the cat and the owners to play with each-other without getting scratched.

We aim for your cats’ well-being and to initiate that we will focus on their skin and coat.

  • A cat’s body is well groomed with full body comb,
  • With a facial perhaps!! yes, you heard it right!! cats too can have facial for lustrous fluffy face,
  • ear cleansing,
  • eyes cleaning,
  • sanitary cleansing, and
  • full mouth oral assessment to prevent them from any periodontal disease.

It is not possible for a regular bath for your Meow but a safe skin care treatment like hot water bat and some therapies will help keep your cat's coat clean and free of tangles, no matter what type of hair coat he or she has. We recommend bathing which helps in many situations like cats suffering from hairballs, allergies, etc. bathing or cleaning their coat may give us some chance to eliminate more health-related problems such as wounds, fleas, ticks, lumps, rashes, and skin infections and so and so…

This point totally depends on the owners’ can brighten your cats’ lifestyle with a little haircut, it will modify their built and style.Or, in that time of the season when they are shedding too much hair and you are unable to manage the loose hairs and clear your linens.

Notice very carefully, your pet might have fleas or another blood-sucking parasite in their body which might make them sick, small young fleas or their larvae might be present everywhere say from the parks, trees, jungle but adult fleas comes from various other animals body, your cat plays with. Every flea you see on your cat’s body,probably there are hundreds of eggs and larvae in your carpet or furniture. So, flea extractions from your pet’s body as well as from your environment are very important. We manage to remove every parasite of your cats’ body in a very safe and effective manner. Remember prevention is better than cure.

A cat grooming spa must provide lots of petting, love and, care for your cute little muffins and also play with your cats. They must have an on-site attendant for greeting your special member and yourself. They will start the usual routine with your approval for your cats brushing, combing, bathing, cleansing and claw cutting. They will also provide daily recreational activities and 24 hours veterinarian duty on call as well as at the site. Important of all is they must have private bath sessions, medication administered when in need including insulin and fluids and other IV and IM drugs. They must have a delicate climate controlled environment making it suitable for cold region pets, for example, exotic and Persian cats. For an ideal cat spa, they must only have cats on the list than any other pets, for grooming as mixing them might not be a good idea.

And when you are visiting somewhere or going for a busy meeting or have a tight schedule you must be able to board your cat for full time care with long and short hours at special rates. Lastly you must be able to visit the centre as many times as you can for any help or talk you need and can freely ask for doubts and discuss in details about anything that bothers you.

Why Is MyCatshop The Best Cat Spa In Delhi?

At mycatshop, we do our very best to ensure your cat gets the attention necessary to their comfort and safety, as this is our top priority. Cats are unique and different from other animals and as such should be groomed by experts who are certain with their behavior, morphology and anatomy.

Though money can buy you a fine cat, but you can help the cat to grow up in a beautiful way by grooming properly.

Our cat grooming salon on call provides the highest quality service to you and to your cat but always within reason of your cat’s nature and health.

We recommend cat spa, for an owner who wants to relax their cat in a best fashionable way with brushing, cutting their nails without getting scratched, bathing, massaging, brushing their teeth, cleansing, facials and almost everything. We also ensure records of your cat’s vaccination, and provide treatments to your cat for flea preventions, This is required for your cat's well-being and protection.

MyCcatshop is a leading cat store in Delhi NCR that helps you delivering healthy and happy cats/kitten to people who love them, we partner with pet experts, vets, ethical breeders and others professionals who look for grooming cats of individual breeds, at different life stages, in different lifestyles, and with different medical conditions, from the mildest to the uttermost. Our goal is to bring you the latest information from feline experts and professionals, for the benefit of your cat’s well-being and longevity. Through awareness and education, we strive to help your feline pets thrive, not just survive. Recognising problems and offering multiple safe solutions will be a continuous goal for us.

When handling your cats in our treatment rooms, we will persistently offer the safest and most comfortable grooming experience possible. Through our knowledge and experience, we will continuously use only the safest handling techniques, equipment, and highest quality grooming products and tools available for cats. We know your cat is an important member of your family. The mycatshop offers a first-class facility which provides a wide variety of services for your cat, including, long-term boarding, geriatric care and special care to cats on medication or special diets. Your cat will always be pampered by us.

We will guide you through the entire process. we have counseling done prior to your decision making about which breed to adopt and or buy, based on your lifestyle and daily life schedules, this is a great way for you to meet cats that will match with you and your needs, which is why we are different than the rest pet care centers.

The journey begins how to groom, feed, play with, how to nurture them, and the need for medical help with their different stages of life as well as yours.

We will also help your cat and you to prepare for any event in town. with our pet photographers who will capture pictures to commemorate the events. Our facilities are always clean, sanitised, comfortable. The only trouble you may have is convincing your cat to leave!

We only care about Cats, so we do not mix them with other pets and observe them very carefully. We want to understand them at their differences in life stages and lifestyle and we acknowledge the details of size and breed also about how cats’ fur feels. We compare changes with their recoveries from varies diseases. We look into their behavior, their licking, their scratching with other details.

We think about their emotional well-being and how to keep the anxious cats calm.

There are many boarding places. But cats are just put in the corner because it's mostly a dog place so we deal with complete transparency. we remain open 24*7 for you and every day on 365 days. Our cat boarding hostel remains open every day in a year in all the big cities in India like De Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Gujarat,and Kolkata making your life easy and you would not need to care about feeding, grooming or playing with them. Most of all they will have more playmates than usual. Also, we observe how a diet with different formulas can transform any sick cat/kitten into a healthy one.

We import cat accessories from all around the world and the best home based catteries setup all across India. We also have special appointments for cats with special needs where they may stay less time, and also where owners may stay with their cat during the grooming process.

Your cat/kitten can stay with us in their comfortable rooms filled with cat’s furniture, scratching posts, toys, beds, and blankets etc. We also provide with best house food available, and canned food as well or you may bring your cat’s own food. We are able to provide medications on board cats with medical needs. Our salon is equipped with all necessary grooming equipment. Our salon offers a safe, sanitary and healthy environment.

Still confused? Let us help you find the most suitable spa session according to your cat's needs in Delhi NCR Gurgaon.